Kid's Activities in Stresa
lake Maggiore

Creative activities in the park of Villa Anelli

A pleasant walk in Villa Anelli Park in Oggebbio, followed by creative activities for children and adults! Inside the park lights and shadows, created by different trees, and amazing views on the lake, will impress you! Inside the park there is a special collection of Camelias of more than 500 species, monumental examples of beeches,  conifers, black bamboo, banana, palm trees and other exotic species!
At the end of the visit tea tasting and creative activities!

Activities available:

  • Eggart: drawing on eggs trying to tell a story… have you ever thought that an egg  can have an ornamental purpose?

  • Fiammetta’s clips: a funny activity created to involve grandmas, mums and children! You will create hair clips using small objects, buttons, trimmings and much more!

  • Bamboo engraving: while walking around the park you will see the black bamboo, you can take home a piece of it… as a cut and engraved napkin ring!

WHERE: VIlla Anelli, Oggebbio

DURATION: 3 hours (1 hour and a half for the garden visit/ 1 hour and a half for the activities)


  • Guided tour of the garden and tea tasting: € 35,00 for family (2 adults and 2 children)

  • Eggart activity: adult € 15,00 per person/ children from 3 to 7 years € 8,00 per person/ children from 8 years € 10,00 per person

  • Clips activity: adult € 20,00 per person/ children from 3 to 7 years € 7,00 per person/ children from 8 years € 15,00 per person.

  • Bamboo engraving: adults € 15,00 per person/children from 8 years € 10,00 per person. Activity suitable for children from 8 years.

Adults can decide to partecipate at the activities or not, they can relax in the park or supervise the activities.

*Activity according to conditions and current regulations


Mottarone Adventure Park

Spend an exiciting day ar Mottarone Adventure Park... where fun and adrenaline mixes in a magnificient natural frame!
This adventure park offers 4 tracks at 4 diffrent levels, suitable for families, children (from 3 years) and friends!

WHEN: from April to October

WHERE: Mottarone Adventure Park

DURATION: half day

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Mottarone Adventure Park ticket, equipment for the activity


  • 1 trail: kids € 12,00 – young € 16,00 – adults € 18,00

  • 2 trails: kids € 15,00 – young € 18,00 – adults € 20,00

  • 3 trails: kids € 20,00 – young € 23,00 – adults € 25,00

KIDS: until 4 years
YOUNG: from 5 to 16 years
ADULTS: from 17 years

*Activity according to conditions and current regulations

Walking Experience:
the animals of Valgrande National Park

From mixed decidous woods with chestnuts trees to beech and coniferous trees with red and white fir trees. The wildest area of the Alps is an ideal habitat for several animals! In the sky we can admire the golden eagle, peregrine falcons, owls and black woodpeckers while in the woods we can see chamois, roes, deers and also foxes, beech martens and badgers!

Let’s learn how to recognize the passage of different animals through their footprints left on the ground, recording different sounds and identifing the voices… we will no longer be afraid of the real inhabitants of the park!

WHERE: departure and meeting with the guide to be agreed

DURATION: half day

WHAT TO BRING: trekking shoes

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Excursionistic guide

​PRICE: € 44,00 per person (minimum 4 people)

*Activity according to conditions and current regulations