Lake    Maggiore

Lake Maggiore

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Surrounded by the Alps and spectacular landscapes, Lake Maggiore is the perfect setting to relax pleasantly and amuse oneself, enjoying cultural activities and an unspoilt natural environment. 
Every little town by the lake, be it Arona, Stresa, Verbania, Cannero or Cannobbio, has old buildings, parks, Italian gardens and botanical gardens that make the beautiful environment even more amazing.


the pearl of lake maggiore 

Known as "the pearl of Verbano" Stresa is one of the most exlcusive destinations of Lake Maggiore! 

This small strip of land (Strixia) has been able to transform over the centuries, from a small village into an exclusive destinations for noble patricians and for the wealthy bourgeois. Nowadays Stresa has maintained its aristocratic light and has become important for meetings and events. 

The most famous part of Stresa is surely the amazing lakeside: an elegant promenade among beautiful gardens, incredible landscapes, historical villas and luxury hotels built in liberty and baroque style. 
The centre of Stresa is rich of shops, cafes and restaurants, that allows the visitor to relive, partially, the suggestive atmosphere of the Belle Epoque, that important travellers such as Stendhal, Chateaubriand, Dumas, Dickens and Lord Byron have described in their books. 

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visit of the
"isole borromee"

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via ferrata


trekking on the hills of lake maggiore



Lake Orta

Orta San Giulio and San Giulio's Island

Lake Orta, the most romantic of Italian lakes, is separated from Lake Maggiore by the Mottarone Mountain. Orta San Giulio, a small town on the shores of the lake, is an enchanting medieval town with old halls, narrow streets and typical stone buildings, rich in history and art. Ferries for the picturesque San Giulio Island, famous for a Romanesque church and an ancient monastery, depart from the town’s little port.

There are many mountain-bike and walking routes in the area around Orta, as well as great destinations for outings.  Enjoy traditional food, prepared according to local recipes, in the many restaurants of the area.

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Wine tasting and winery visit 

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Ossola's Valleys 

The Alps of Lake Maggiore

Lake and mountain elements are perfectly combined in the area of Lake Maggiore. The seven Ossola valleys open onto the shores of the lake and are shadowed by mountain chains with a truly unspoilt environment.
The scenery and landscape of these valleys, Valle Anzasca, Val Antrona, Val Bognanco, Val Vigezzo, Val Formazza, Val Antigorio and Val Diedro, are the perfect setting for different sorts of outings in the natural parks and game reserves. There are also routes for mountain bikes.

Our guides are familiar with every part of the valleys and mountains so they can lead you to some of the most spectacular places, allowing you to enjoy this unspoilt environment, practice sports and relax at the same time.

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in ossola's valley


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